Arriving 01/01/21 - NEW Disney Showcase Cheshire Cat Minis

Celebrating the 70th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland, these are among the first figurines that will release in the upcoming year and, at AKC Emporium, we are just MAD about these new mini Cheshire cats from the Disney Showcase Collection. Just don't ask them for directions or try to find them.

Disney Showcase Collection Cheshire Cat Miniature Figurines 2021

This guy obviously has questionable judgment at the best of times.

Disney Showcase Cheshire Cat Mini Figurine 2021

This guy is obviously lost.

Disney Showcase Cheshire Cat Directions Mini Figurine 2021

And this guy is not getting paid. You have to actually come to the photo shoot to get paid.

Disney Showcase Cheshire Cat Mini Invisible Figurine 2021