Alex and Kim Mickey Mouse Maleficent at Disney World
AKC Emporium
Alex & Kim

"The simple truth is that we never set out to start a business. That's just the way it went. Really, what happened is that we were just collecting the things that we love and sharing the experience with others. Out of that, it just began to thrive and to grow."

We love to collect.

It's how we got here. It drives us. We started with a simple premise; top quality and no nonsense.

Our figurine collection started at Walt Disney World.

As a kid, I always wanted figurines.

"I'd pass them at stores and just be fascinated by them. I had other collections for sure growing up but these I just never could seem to get back then. Years later, things have changed. I'm at Walt Disney World with Kim and we are kids in a candy shop. And then Kim suggests starting our own collection. We dive in head first!"

It started with the figurines. And then the paintings. And then the pins. Oh my, the pins. There were just so many and, once you bought them, you could trade with other people for older ones that you couldn't find in the parks. Did I say older? No. Vintage. Exclusive. Limited Edition. Collectible. Wonderful.


"Needless to say, we jumped into collectible Pin trading. There are so many people to meet and trade with from around the world. You just wear your pins on a backpack or a sash or something and they just come up and start talking!

There are so many choices. Do we start with movies? Characters? The limited edition ones that are behind the counter? We spend the day and give it our all. We're two day Pin collectors but you'd never know it.

And then we're in line at the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor and there's this family. Their daughter, a little girl, is in a wheel-chair and most of her body is badly burned from a house fire. She's got a sash strung over one of the arms and it has only a couple of pins on it. She loves Monsters Inc. and she's wearing an Oozma Kappa hat that matches the one on Alex.

We are huge MU fans; it's our favorite movie and I just so happen to have painstakingly collected and traded for all of the MU randomized pins. I just know that I have to approach her and I ask which Disney Monster was her favorite. It's Squishy. I put the pin in her hand and she cries. And her parents cry. And I cry. Everyone cries. That's when I knew that I wanted to do this for forever.

Moments like these really drive home for me the importance of keepsakes. They can bring you back to better times and anchor you to good memories. They can encourage you when you need it most. They can say the things you just can't quite put to words. Collectibles aren't just things. They're moments caught in time and they are everything that comes with that.

Our Commitments are Simple

Your satisfaction guaranteed.

We stand behind the quality of our collectibles and will treat you like royalty. We know that you will love them and so we allow for free returns on us; although, we doubt that you will take us up on the offer. Just in case you do, just don't try and tell me that we shipped you a rock or something. We don't have any rocks. :-)

Your shopping simplified.

Domestically, we ship free and also offer free returns on any non-consumable. We fulfill orders daily. Pricing is transparent and your checkout price won't increase in the cart unless your state requires us to collect sales tax - feel free to write your representatives on that one.

Have Questions? Need Help?

Just write us and we'll get back ASAP.

About Us

We are a family owned business that grew out of a shared passion for collectibles. We run our business on Christian values and are proud to declare it.

Lifetime collectors since childhood, we've sought after trading cards, figurines, and so many other keepsakes - whatever captured our interests. Since we can just never get enough, we really started to look for the best ways to expand our own collections and, as a result, AKC emporium was born.

From nurturing relationships with wholesalers to identifying the best local sources for vintage collectibles, we do our best to bring to you what we believe to be only the highest quality items. We only carry authentic branded collectibles and many of our pieces are quite rare and highly sought after - many are signed by artists like Jim Shore and Priscilla Hillman and many more are from private editions, club exclusives, and limited or first edition runs.

We stock the latest Enesco releases and offer pre-sales to the avid collector. If you're into vintage collections, we've got you covered there as well - have more Boyds Bears than we can count, Cherished Teddies, and many more.

Kimberly and Alex