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The information above is generic and not governing. Please complete the return form below to initiate your return and reference the fine print section below for information regarding specifics.

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The Fine Print

We like to keep it simple but, sometimes, we're the only ones who do. So here is a long-winded explanation for our shipping and returns complete with exceptions, qualifications, etc. Submitted for your reading pleasure and without further adieu - enjoy.

The policies below are considered to be governing for the below-listed processes.


Domestic shipping is free to the United States including Alaska, and Hawaii. International shipping is available and is billed by weight automatically at check out. We use the USPS and UPS at our discretion so, if the UPS has issues for you (e.g., rural), please let us know so that we can make the proper arrangements.

USPS First Class - Generally, allow for 3-7 days for delivery.

USPS Priority and UPS Ground - Generally, allow 2-3 days for delivery.

International Shipments - In the current state of the global market, international shipments are subject to unpredictable delay. We do not guarantee any time-frame for delivery and, once we have shipped a product internationally, it cannot be recalled.


All exchanges are subject to availability and approval. If you prefer an exchange to a return, just let us know and we will proceed from there.


We provide free 30 day returns on all non-consumable items which encompasses the vast majority of what we sell. Returns on consumable items or items whose integrity is questionably intact upon delivery (e.g., digital goods, product codes, etc) are subject to approval. By way of guidance, a physical item that can be returned in like-new condition with all original packaging is non-consumable and can be returned.


1. Products must be returned in the condition they were received including all original packaging; the box, the foam insert, the little plastic bag surrounding the figurine, collection certificates and inserts, etc. Please take care that collectible packaging is not damaged while opening as it contributes to value of the item.

2. Products must be returned in the original shipping box that we used or one with the same dimensions. Return labels are priced both by weight and by volume and this helps us to keep return costs high and provide free returns for you. We are reasonable people and not trying to be sticklers here; we just don't want to receive a tiny mouse figurine back in some giant box that costs more to ship back to us than the item sold for in the first place. We may need original shipping boxes, etc., to process insurance claims with certain carriers.

3. We do not allow for the return of international shipments. The shipping costs are simply too high both ways.

4. If an item is received damaged (which we realize does happen), we will require documentation before approving the return. Most likely, this looks like photographs of the damaged item, the original packaging, the shipping container from multiple angles, etc. We need these to process an insurance claim with the carrier which helps us to continue to offset the costs of providing free returns for you. We'll walk you through any specifics once you complete the return.

5. All returns, return requests, damage claims, etc. must be initiated through the contact form below.

6. Returns failing to meet the above-mentioned criteria are subject to rejection or a restocking fee at our discretion. Restocking fees are commensurate to the diminished value of the improperly handled item. Again, we're not trying to be sticklers here and micro-manage the process. We just want to make sure things are done economically and correctly.

7. We allow for one free return per order. This policy is not intended to discourage returns; rather it is an attempt simply to prevent multi-item orders from being returned piece-meal to us at great cost. In other words, if you have multiple items to return at once, just send them all back at once.

8. We reserve the right to deny any returns or damage claims that we consider to be fraudulent or abusive to the system. We provide free returns so that you can shop with confidence. Our policies are intended to protect honest customers who behave reasonably and also ourselves from being taken advantage of in our kindness.