Arriving 12/15/20 - NEW Disney Showcase Princesses from Couture de Force

Check out the latest from the Couture de Force line of the Disney Showcase Collection! These latest additions are recently announced and set to launch 12/15/20.

Disney Showcase Couture de Force December 2020 Figurines


For a girl who regularly cleans the fireplace, Cinderella cleans up nicely. Here she is, taking date night to a whole other level in the latest haute pink (and that's haute pink - not hot pink) addition to her wardrobe.

Disney Showcase Couture de Force Cinderella Figurine 2020Known for her ability to nap just any old time, Princess Aurora arrives fashionably late. Fashionable - and late. It looks like Fairy Godmothers managed to work things out this time regarding which colors to use for her ballroom gown. They've made it pink and they've made it blue. And - it - looks - HAUTE!

Disney Showcase Couture de Force Aurora Figurine 2020
It took some work but, after much convincing and not-a-few promises, we managed to convince her to leave the tiger at home. Unfortunately, it took so long that she ran out of time to change and so here she is looking great as always! She opted to skip the flowing dress claiming it was simply too haute to wear outside. Quick - somebody tell her that she's a December release!
Disney Showcase Couture de Force Jasmine Figurine 2020
It's no wonder (hah!) that they selected Alice to be a part of this years haute release! What kind of flower is an Alice anyways? Whatever the ones on her dress are, they look lovely - and they're certainly not weeds. This year, we "pick" her as one of our favorites as well!
Disney Showcase Couture de Force Alice in Wonderland Figurine 2020